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Cash Loan Facility

Our CASH LOAN FACILITY helps you enjoy your money now while you are still guaranteed of your plan's maturity benefit. CASH LOAN FACILITY is open to all Planholders with Fully Paid Pension and Education Plans. This offers you more convenience and ease compared to banks or any other loan institution as it boasts of:

Applying is Fast & Easy!

Step 1: Certificate of Full Payment and photocopy of two (2) valid IDs.

Step 2: Bring these requirements to any of our branches/offices and fill-up the Loan Application Form.

Step 4: If your plan is qualified for a loan, you will be notified when you may pick up your check.

Call our Hotline Number at (02) 802-7202 to inquire more about PHILPLANS CASH LOAN. You may also visit the nearest PhilPlans office or contact your Sales Agent today.