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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a PhilPlans Pension, Memorial and Education Plan?
You can contact any of our sales counselors affiliated with over 50 PhliPlans branches in the country. You can also call our customer hotline number (02) 8-802-7202 and ask to be connected to a PhilPlans Sales Counselor. The applicant should be:
  • 18-65 years old
  • In good physical condition
  • A duly accomplished application form, must include the health declaration portion, bearing planholder's signature.
  • Php300 (vat inclusive) policy fee with the plan's first payment
Once I paid the first payment do I enjoy the rights and privileges stated in the application form assuming I fulfilled underwriting requirements?
Yes. You shall enjoy the rights and privileges stated in the application form as long as you pass all the underwriting requirements. Otherwise, PhilPlans only liability is to return the payment made by you.
In case of insufficient or excess payments on the first payment of my plan, what is the company policy?
In case of:
  • Overpayment, the excess amount shall be credited to the next installment payment.
  • If the your plan's payment is insufficient to cover the installment amount, the payment will be in deposit. If payment is completed within the grace period, this will be applied to the plan. However, if payment is made beyond the grace period, the plan will lapse. You will be notified of the status of your plan and reinstatement should be applied to revive your plan.
How do I claim my lump sum cash benefits upon maturity?
You should be receiving an official Confirmation Letter by mail that you will need to send back to the company in order for us to process your lump sum cash benefit one month prior to its maturity. Your cash benefits would be in a form of check tender in Philippine Peso. If you are not able to receive the Confirmation Letter at least one month before maturity, you must submit a duly accomplished Late Confirmation Form or submit a letter of request for availment.
The following are the requirements in claiming your benefit checks:
  • Two (2)Valid IDs
  • Original Policy Contract
  • Original Certificate of full payment
If you prefer to assign another party to claim on your behalf, please request the assigned third party to provide the company with the following:
  • Two (2) valid IDs of planholder
  • Two (2) valid IDs of representative
  • Special Power of Attorney authorizing another party to pick up the check on your behalf. The SPA should be certified by the Philippine Consulate Office where you are residing.
  • Original Policy Contract
  • Original Certificate of Full Payment
How does my beneficiary go about filing an insurance claim during the duration of the plan?
The primary/secondary beneficiaries of the deceased planholder can file a claim but must do the following:
  • Verify status on the plan/policy at PhilPlans Head Office.
  • Secure the claim forms and submit necessary requirements/documents.
  • File claims at any PhilPlans Regional or Branch Offices near you.
  • Supporting documents of claims must be certified true and correct by the beneficiaries.
If I was not able to complete the payments for my plan, what should I do to continue paying for the balance?
In order to continue your policy you must reinstate your policy. You may reinstate your plan only during the reinstatement period. The reinstatement period is limited to two years starting from the end of the grace period of two months. Therefore, you have 26 months from the 1st unpaid installment to reinstate.
Kindly submit the following to any PhilPlans Branch/Regional Office near you:
  • Fully accomplished reinstatement form
  • Processing fee of Php300 (VAT inclusive)
  • Reinstatement cost*
  • Valid ID
(*Please email customer service at to get your reinstatement cost)
Is it possible to change or amend any information indicated in my PhilPlans policy contract?
Yes. Below are the types of changes we can accommodate regarding your PhilPlans policy contract:
  • Change of Name
  • Correction on Date of Birth
  • Change of Address
  • Change on mode of payment
  • Change of beneficiary
To effect the changes, kindly submit to any PhilPlans Branch/Regional Office near you:
  • Fully accomplished amendment form
  • Processing fee of Php300* (vat inclusive)
  • Valid ID
(*Change of address and telephone number is free of charge but you must still submit an accomplished amendment form)
Can PhilPlans replace my lost PhilPlans Policy Contract?
Yes, we can replace your lost PhilPlans policy contract.To reissue your policy contract, kindly submit the following to any PhilPlans branch near you:
  • Fully accomplished amendment form
  • Affidavit of Loss
  • Processing fee of Php300 (vat inclusive)
  • Valid ID