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Merlinda Teodoro, PhilPlans Planholder

Merlina Teodoro, PhilPlans Plan Holder

Being a mother, my only dream is to send my children to school and to see them become professionals. Thankfully, we got PhilPlans education plans early on for our three children. Because of our PhilPlans education plans, we were able to send all our children to top universities. Today, they are professionals in their field and are working in reputable companies.
- Merlinda Teodoro

Merle is a hands-on mom to Camille (BS Marketing Management), Neil (BS Nursing), and Denise (BS Pharmacy). Aside from the education plans, she also has PhilPlans pension and memorial plans.

Von Andre M. Medina, M.D., PhilPlans Beneficiary

Von Andre M. Medina, M.D., PhilPlans Beneficiary

Honestly, I still have a hard time believing how an ordinary boy from an ordinary family was able to fulfill a great dream of becoming a doctor… Fortunately, my parents were very supportive and were able to plan ahead. Thanks to PhilPlans, I was able to go to a prestigious university for college for my pre-medical education. Along with the scholarship grants, PhilPlans became part of our lives and success as well.
- Von Medina M.D.

Von graduated magna cum laude in BS Psychology at De La Salle Lipa and received PhilPlans Scholastic Achievement Award in 2006. He ranked 4th in the 2012 Physician Licensure Exam.

Katherine Lopez Lacson, PhilPlans Beneficiary

Katherine Lopez Lacson, PhilPlans Benefciary

I am thankful to my father, Antolin F. Lacson, and my appreciations to PhilPlans for my 4-year college education plan that enabled me to pay for the cost of tuition fees and related school expenses. I graduated last year and I was surprised with joy that I was still rewarded with a graduation gift of P497,850. My father was wise to choose PhilPlans for our education funds. He passed away last March 24, 2011 and we owe it to him that he was a great provider , leaving us a legacy of education to pursue a noble career, and a well-meaning and promising future.
- Katherine Lopez Lacson

Kathy holds a degree in multimedia arts from St. Benilde, De La Salle University. She has invested her graduation gift on a PhilPlans pension plan with yearly cash benefits.