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To be the trusted partner of Filipinos in their financial journey as they prepare for their future financial needs.


We are committed to making a difference in the lives of hardworking Filipinos through products and services that allow them to plan for their future financial needs.

PhilPlans History

PhilPlans is one of the leading financial solutions companies in the Philippines providing innovative pension, education, and memorial programs that build financial preparedness for the future. Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on April 19, 1989, PhilPlans was launched on October 12, 1989.

In September 2009, STI Investments, Inc. (now Maestro Holdings, Inc.) took ownership of PhilPlans from the Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (Philam Life). Maestro Holdings is made up of four of the biggest and respected financial companies in the Philippines. Its diversified holdings in healthcare, life insurance, non-life insurance, and financial plans work in harmony to attain a unified vision to become the leading non-bank financial institution in the country. Under the Maestro’s baton, PhilPlans joins four of the most recognizable names in their respective industries: PhilCare, a leader and a pioneer among Philippine HMOs; PhilsFirst, the first domestic non-life insurance company in the country; and PhilLife, one of the most trusted insurance providers in the Philippines.

With this new leadership, PhilPlans has renewed its commitment to help hard-working Filipinos prepare for their future financial needs. It continues to be a formidable player in the industry with its comprehensive product suite, management expertise and sound financial practices.

Stability and Growth

PhilPlans operates with a Trust Fund of over Php36 B and paid up capital of Php700M. This assures its more than 500,000 planholders of PhilPlans’ stability and commitment to deliver on its promise of providing financial stability for their future needs for many years to come. The fund represents the future obligations of PhilPlans to its planholders and the conservatism by which PhilPlans manages its investments is a testament to the company’s commitment in making sure that the planholders’ welfare comes first.

PhilPlans also operates with over 50 branches and sales associates that number over 5,000.

Board of Directors

  • Monico V. Jacob - Chairman of the Board
  • Joseph Augustin L. Tanco - Vice Chairman


  • Eusebio H. Tanco
  • Ma. Vanessa Rose L. Tanco
  • Ester T. Gabaldon
  • Arsenio N. Tanco
  • Rainerio M. Borja
  • Atty. Jose F. Buenaventura

Independent Directors

  • Atty. Teodoro D. Regala, Sr.
  • Johnip G. Cua

Corporate Secretary

  • Atty. Arsenio C. Cabrera, Jr.