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Not everyone can be fully ready for the inevitable, but we can help those left behind be more prepared.

We at PhilPlans can help to lessen the burden when that day comes. We'll take care of the memorial service so your family and friends, can focus on remembering a life lived to the fullest. It's never too early to think ahead.

We offer you these Life Plans that provide you with memorial service arrangements at time of need. These Life Plans are for exclusive use at the Mortuary and Crematory at The Heritage Park or Nacional Memorial Homes, so you can enjoy life knowing that you and your family will be taken care of at the very end.


Your life plan is fully assignable. We will make arrangements for memorial services upon your direction, whether for you or any of your loved ones.


Your life plan is also fully transferable. You may transfer the benefits of your life plan to anyone without penalty.


You can start thinking ahead for your future for as low as Php1 7/day or at a price that's most suitable for your needs. 24/7.


Our Hotline Number will immediately connect your loved ones to our team of dedicated family assistance associates at the time of need. *Metro Manila: 802-7344 / 802-7345.


*with presentation casket
- prices are VAT exclusive

First Call Pickup Pickup of the body from the hospital/residence within MM (25KM radius)
Mortuary Service Embalming and preparation of the deceased
Premium Hearse For interment services
Floral Package Only for Iris, Lilac, Magnolia, Primrose, and Edelweiss
Food Package (consumable) for 100 persons for Iris, Lilac, Primrose, and Magnolia
for 150 persons for Edelweiss
Age Requirement
ORCHID 18-75 years old for 1-Pay
18-65 for 5-Pay
Other plans 18-75 years old for 1-Pay
18-70 for 5-Pay


+available for use at the Heritage Park
++for lots that can accomodate double depth interments
- prices are VAT exclusive


Age Requirement
TOPAZ 18-70 years old for 1-Pay
18-60 for 5-Pay
SAPPHIRE 18-75 years old for 1-Pay
18-65 for 5-Pay
Other Plans 18-75 years old for 1-Pay
18-70 for 5-Pay